The Lucky Goat Layout—Our Roles, Our Team February 27 2016

Have you heard the news? Lucky Goat is expanding! So we feel it’s time to give you a little glimpse into our day-to-day functions—and the roles associated with them—here at Lucky Goat Coffee!

Here are the roles that make up our team:

-        Baristas…the front of the house is all about your experience,  and we employ the best of the best to make this experience one that keeps you coming back! Our Baristas oversee the quality of all of the drinks we serve and ensure a smooth Tasting Room experience from beginning to end. If you have coffee experience and are looking to be a part of this team, you are in luck! We are looking to hire (3) qualified Baristas to lead the current flagship shop and our future second location.

-      Bar Backs…these “goat getters” support every aspect of our bar and customer experience. When you come into the Tasting Room, this group is the first to greet you and offer a suggestion for your drink of the day. They spend countless hours of their shifts ensuring every item is stocked and cleaned. We truly couldn’t function efficiently without their dedication to the details. They certainly are the backbone of this Goat team! We are looking to hire (8) individuals to fill this role!

-      Dishwasher…Here at Lucky Goat, we go through approximately 400-500 glasses a day. That’s a lot of suds! To help keep up with this, we have a team that handles all of the dishwashing and bussing of our tables in our Tasting Room. With our growth, we are looking to expand this team even more. This position is vital to our daily success!

-        Roaster…we pride ourselves in our coffee selections and roasting profiles. Our Roastmaster, Joe, is our resident coffee whisperer and java monk! Monday through Friday, you can take a glimpse into Joe’s roasting day through our Tasting Room window at our flagship store. It is hard to believe that one person handles every bit of coffee that goes out our doors to reach our wholesale clients and Tasting Room customers!


-        Management…otherwise known as the Goat Herders! Man, oh man do we love our Management Team. Whether it be through our retail or wholesale offices, our managers oversee the experience of every client we interact with. Something new and exciting for this team will be the addition of (2) new positions as Café Managers. These individuals will be tasked with the day-to-day operations and experience within our Tasting Rooms. Are you interested? If so, send your resume to Lindsey, our Retail Manager at 

-        Packaging…Let us blow your mind for a moment…our packaging department is comprised of 1, yes ONE, individual. Sam, our production expert, packages every single bag of coffee that our Roastmaster roasts. In case you didn’t know…that’s a whole lot of coffee! With the addition of our second location, we are looking to expand this department with a part-time packer from Thursday through Monday. Trust us when we say that Sam will look forward to having another individual on his team!  

All in all, here at Lucky Goat, it takes the whole team to produce the quality of drinks and coffee you have come to know and love. As we continue to grow and expand, we need people who are ready to grow and expand with us! If you are interested in some of the openings we have listed, please email your resume to our Retail Manager, Lindsey.

Lindsey Sheets: